The first session is an opportunity for you to discuss your current problems and how they are affecting your everyday life. We will also discuss your history, personal circumstances, needs and wishes and any other relevant issues. From this initial discussion we will be able to explore the possible factors which may have led to the development of your present problems and consider possible options for change.

Therapy sessions provide an opportunity for clients to talk in depth about issues that they may not understand in a confidential and non-judgemental setting. Often it’s not clear how difficult issues can be resolved or how they might change. Therapy sessions allow possibilities for change to emerge and for clients to feel empowered to tackle difficult issues.

In general Counselling tends to be shorter-term work and tends to deal with specific issues e.g. work related stress and seeks to find appropriate strategies and solutions to improve the situation in question. Psychotherapy is usually longer-term work where deep-seated issues might not be easily expressed or even fully recognised.

The number of sessions varies with different types of issues and how people are feeling about them. But the goal is to support clients to become better at dealing with their problem issues. Sometimes clients might come for a single ‘drop in session’ after they have already had some therapy.

Doctor consulting male patient, working on diagnostic examination of mental illness

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